We’re no longer Portland first-timers! We were always kind of embarrassed to say we had never been before, since it’s just a short flight up the coast, but we really wanted a good long weekend to fully experience it. We did all the things and drank all the coffee. But I think our favorite thing was walking the neighborhoods, dreamily staring at all the homes and drooling over their lush green jungle gardens. We tried to take friends’ advice on some stops, but I always feel the best part of a trip is when you don’t have plans and you find a random gem you then call your own discovery. For us, that was eating at Baby Doll Pizza and seeing Scrooged at the historic Hollywood Theatre.

Tip: The overlook in pics below is super cool, and I’m pretty sure we got lucky since it was chilly and raining because nobody else was around. It’s called Skidmore Bluffs overlooking the Willamette River in Northeast Portland. It’s not an official park, it’s more like someone’s backyard. But it’s open to the public, and it’s a great place for photos.